Dues Ex Machinima (World of Warcraft)

This is probably my favorite machinima. If you’ve never heard of machinima its where creative people use software to capture video images from a computer game (e.g. World of Warcraft, Halo) and add either voice dubbing or music. There is a website called Red vs Blue that was extremely influential in the development of machinima.

This song (Here Without You~ by 3 Doors Down) always makes me very sad. I remember listening to it when I was deployed in Iraq around Thanksgiving 2003. It always brought tears to my eyes then and it still does if I stop and think about how things were back then.

I used to play World of Warcraft (WoW), a lot, a real lot (as a friend used to say). Sadly, since I’ve moved to Virginia I simply haven’t had the time to play. As they say ‘RL pwns WoW ‘. If you’ve never played WoW I doubt this would make much sense to you, but so just watch it and enjoy how they are trying to tell a story using game generated imagery and music.

If you are interested the crib notes are:

  • There are Horde and Alliance- before the expansion the factions hated each other
  • The couple are human and very happy
  • They are busy killing monsters, she attacks a undead warlock, the ‘lock kills her
  • Human man attacks the ‘lock the human dies too
  • Human male wakes up alone and as an undead and very alone
  • (undead) Human male is upset and searches for the ‘lock who killed him
  • He finds the ‘lock and after a fight kills the lock but is still alone
  • The undead males have the best dance in the game and the Night elf males have the worse (think village people on steroids)

Here is the link for the original video.


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