A Wedding in Montana

Anna at the doorMy friend Anna, was married last month in Montana. It was an event filled with happiness and joy.

Now I am one of the most unsentimental people you will ever meet. I am not mushy or gushy, I do not save Christmas cards and I haven’t love letters from a high school sweetheart laying about. Having said this, believe me when I tell you that every single step she took on her wedding day radiated happiness and joy. She was a beautiful bride.

When Anna first told me she was engaged, I sarcastically asked her if the wedding was going to be in Yellowstone Park or someplace even harder to get to. She stuttered a second, paused and then told me they were going to get married in Glacier. Figures.

I know sounded harsh when I asked about the location, but that seems to be the running joke among our friends has been, “What obscure place can I be married at, which will prove my friends love me because, well they attended?”

I was married in 2003 in Portland Oregon, my friend Mike and his wife Michelle (who met at my wedding) married in Maine during the summer of 2004 , and Ann Marie and Chris were married in Yosemite National Park in 2005 and Now Anna and Alan in Glacier Park. So you understand my comment and can see the trend. The only single friends left are of Chris, Scott and Aida. Hopefully they won’t pick Greenland, Antarctica or Tibet to pledge their troth. Of course you never know.

The only normal wedding amongst our group has been John and Shelly’s wedding which was a full blown military wedding held at the Post Chapel on Fort Bragg NC. That wedding had all the men in uniform and she actually walked under crossed swords. The whole shebang. Shelly wore this beautiful but voluminous dress, very pretty; I have a picture of her posing as Wedding Ballerina Barbie tucked away somewhere.

Friends and family flew in from California, Maryland, Nantucket, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. It was a fun and boisterous crowd, especially the Nantucket representative!

Anna and Alan hosted a rehearsal dinner on a boat cruise at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. We feasted (such a nicer word than ‘pigged-out’) laughed and met the other guests.

After the cruise most of us headed to the hotel bar and hung out in the bar while the wedding party rehearsed. Once the happy couple returned, Molly hosted the traditional Post Rehearsal-Lingerie Bridal Shower with all the love and harassment we could muster. Traditionally, someone gives them bridal thongs that they have to wear (and be photographed in-over their clothes of course!).

In case you were wondering, a bridal thong can loosely defined as something with either white satin, frothy sheer flimsy stuff, something sheer and red trimmed in marabou or anything crotchless. We reached a new limit for this shower. Anna received several panties with jewelry and plenty of diamond bling, Alan received some playboy mansion gift shop red silk boxers with lipstick kisses. The loudest catcalls and hoots were made by the women. Anna’s mother Mary was properly mortified so all in all it was a complete success. Mission accomplished.

The wedding was held on Saturday afternoon at the edge of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.


Photo by Scott S.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Anna’s stepfather, played the guitar as her father walked her through the trees to the edge of McDonald Lake. There were no more than 35 people there who witness this momentous occasion.

Those who could attend were privileged to witness such an achingly beautiful ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, we all headed back to the Belton Chalet for a tasty repast and stayed up simply enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours…as it should be.

Some of my friends took a helicopter trip over the park and some (read me) slept in a bit. We all gathered one last time and had a lovely Sunday Brunch. Then I left with Shellie -we both had to fly out from Kalispell.

The rest of the crowd hit the river and did some whitewater rafting and then adjourned for Mexican food. Habeneros at 3100 feet above sea level, what a way to finish a wonderful weekend!

scannedimage-3-2.jpgCongratulations Anna and Alan, may you know only joy!


2 responses to “A Wedding in Montana

  1. I know this may seem random, especially since I don’t know you and your post is over a year old, but this photo is beautiful… was this a grassy area on the shore within walking distance of the lodge or did you drive to this area? I can’t help but be curious as I think about planning an elopement!

    • Hi Char
      The lake isn’t within walking distance of the belton chalet. If you want to be able to walk you might want to stay or have your reception at the lodge in the park. My friend hired a trolley thing for the guest but many of us drove.

      One note of caution about my friend’s wedding site is that is was difficult to get to if you were in heels.

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