Sunday Painting Class

Ted was on vacation today so Marjorie taught class today.

I really like Marjorie she is Rob’s apprentice and a phenomenal artist in her own right. She’s currently working on a large mural for a dining room ceiling-I believe the dimensions are about 12×18. Sadly, they will have to put a hole in the canvas when they glue it to the ceiling. There are gods nymphs and geese frolicking among the clouds.

img_0001.jpgOver our lunch break I asked Marjorie about the confusion I was experiencing with trying to learn from Rob but messing up significantly along the way. Her advice has helped-or at least it will once I get a better grip on the principals they both are teaching.

Basically Marjorie said to continue painting or drawing in my style but to pay attention to the principals they are teaching. So, I can breath I guess and continue to do what seems to be working for me but to learn from them form and style.

Here is the picture of Alan I painted last Sunday. The color key is pretty high. His hair and bandanna need work and photographed even worse, he has braids that are blond, red and reddish-brown. The appear a little darking in the painting. This was painted in one-session in the second class.

Sunday 21 July I painted this today. It’s a long pose we have three sessions with this model. The idea with this painting is to use the first session to map only the shapes of the lights and darks. We’re not to do any modeling of the figure. The photo doesn’t so the colors the way that I would like but it still gives you an idea of where I am trying to go with this.

I will have to start sitting since we’re standing the entire time on concrete~my bum knee is killing me right now ~sigh.


2 responses to “Sunday Painting Class

  1. I like these very much. You’ve got a very appealing style. I look forward to see where you go with it.

  2. Thank you Bill, as I said I am still learning.

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