Evening Moon Rise (warning disturbing subject matter)

I spent the evening listening to music and watching the moon rise, the colors of the sky were glorious from ceruleans to a beautiful deep ultramarine blue.

img_0069.jpgRight now the sky is that blue that is so deep and dark that it’s almost black.

Bodies, The Exhibition hosted a sketch night on Monday at the Dome in in Rosslyn Va. Robert Liberace gave a demonstration and a lecture on anatomy. Afterwards we were free to wander the exhibit and draw until the event closed at 9pm.

Rob opened his demo with a discussion about how Michaelangelo, DaVinci and the great renaissance artists studied anatomy by dissecting bodies. He mentioned that studying anatomy will help one become a better artist. It’s clear that serious study of art will absolutely require me to learn more anatomy than I do now.

I went to the lower level and drew a quick sketch of a body that was simply standing. I was particularly interested in accurately drawing the grain of his muscle tissue as it covered his ribs and abdomen. I also drew his shoulders and arms.

I had plenty of time and I was tired of standing so I plopped down fairly close and drew just his hand from the wrist down. The structure of his hand was amazing. I liked it so much that I went to a part of the sketch book I had prepped for silverpoint and did a study that really looked at the tendons and ligaments of his hand.

But I have a lot of problems with the entire concept of the display because the bodies used were not donated to science. From what I’ve read (Post Gazette Article) the source of the bodies were from unclaimed prisoner’s bodies. Apparently in the People’s Republic of China, if you die in prison and your body is unclaimed, they can use it however they want. Although the subject matter is fascinating, but it seems pretty macabre that I am considering spending money to see a person’s body who never consented to it. It strikes me as unethical.

So although I want to go back and really work on that hand I am not sure I can. Does that make sense?

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2 responses to “Evening Moon Rise (warning disturbing subject matter)

  1. YES, it DOES make sense. It would bother me, too.
    I think we need to respect our gut feelings about things like this, whether or not people around us agree. We are really focused on what we study and draw and our feelings will matter.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Annie.

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