Sunday Painting Results

Sunday 21 July sunday-29-july-painting.jpg

The image on your left is what the painting looked like after the first session with only the lights/darks mapped. The painting on the right is is what it looked like today. Although I don’t like this painting, I’ve learned a lot so far about background and how each color affects the ones touching it.

Ted helped clarify a lot of the color theory with this, my problem isn’t yellow+blue=green. My problem is still trying to figure out how to tone down lights or darks~working with reading the temperature of a subject against the background colors. Everything he suggested sounded wrong but on the canvas it worked!

Not sure where to go with this painting now. This was painted from life, sadly I will miss the last session~so this painting is as done as it gets. It still needs several hours of work and even then I am just not sure. My inclination is to wipe the entire thing out and wait til the next pose.

For the next class I have to work on a canvas. I normally use Raymar panels with Clausen’s #13, portrait linen~but Ted wants to see me use things that are springy. We’ll see how “springy” goes in two weeks.


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