Eggs et al

It’s been a long week. Still waiting to find out whether I have to work for part of the day tomorrow.

I decided to cheer myself by posting an older painting. I was still learning how to paint and I was drooling for one of Duane Keiser’s egg paintings. It seemed like I would never get one so I finally decided to paint some for myself.

Sadly, three good eggs gave their lives so I could paint them. It was weird but every one of those slippery suckers jumped off of whatever support I carried them on (after I was finished with the paintings). Lucky me I had tile floors.


This is one of my favorite paintings. It is 8″x8″ and it’s unframed. I painted it from life~in northern light no less. Something which made my teacher in New Mexico very happy. I still have to figure out the color correction part with my photo editor. In person the background is more green-gray than gray-blue.

I will be all over the area this weekend. I let a friend from art class take my slot this Sunday, she was delighted and the teacher, Ted Reed didn’t mind. So it’s a win-win, I hate the thought of a slot going to waste.

Registration opens Monday so I will be in line at 4am (yes you read that right) to sign up for Rob’s class at the Alexandria Art League. I will take his evening class which is painting, I can’t do another 5-hour class. Of course having said that I have to say that I will also be signing up for his two workshops next year, both on anatomy. I thought about signing up for the portrait workshop but that seems like overkill.

Why get up at 3:30 to sign up at 4am? Because his classes are impossible to get into. I guess the first time I registered and got in from on-line was a complete fluke (I’d registered from New Mexico).



One response to “Eggs et al

  1. 4am, that’s very early! You seems very passionate to this thing, so I hope you’ll be successful, good luck, buona fortuna!

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