Waiting for Liberace

Registration opened today at the Alexandria Arts League. The last count I saw there were 60+ folks in line and with the exception of one or two folks, everyone was in line for Robert Liberace’s classes/workshops.

I was #10 in line. How did I get a number that low? I showed up at 4am and waited until the nice lady handed out numbers. Then we went over to Deena’s house for coffee. Now that was fun, talking with Deena and her hubby Joe, along with Jim (and his gorgeous German Shepard Keika). We had wide ranging conversations about where we grew up, artists we loved, real estate in Alexandria VA, and of all things blood sausage and eating cockles and baby eels (Joe eats the eels not me *shudder).

I signed up for a fall painting class (Yippee!), a portrait workshop and two anatomy workshops in the spring. Registration opened for all of these today and it was insane as a result. I heard that for the summer class folks start showing up at midnight!

Fuzzy slipperThis is Deena and Joe’s beautiful King Charles Cavalier, although it’s not a full body shot or even a full face shot, I think you really see her personality in this picture. Blame it on old age, but I can’t remember her dog’s name, I just remember that her name means “fuzzy slipper” in Italian. She’s a sweet and adorable little girl.

Here is are a few non sequiturs for you. Someone actually paid a concierge service to have a young lady wait in line for them and to turn in their registration sheet.

Another person in line in front of me was ranting and raving about the Dulles Toll Road and private highways like E470 around Denver. While he was ranting I asked him one simple question, why does it bother him so much and if it does why use them? After all no one is forcing anyone to drive on those roads. I use the private one in Denver Colorado because it’s super fast and convenient. I guess his point was that the government should have done this. My response was again pretty to the point, “but they didn’t. A private firm saw the need, funded it and it now relieves some of the congestion on the the heavier traveled free/state roads. Kind of a win-win for everyone I would think.

The guy directly in front of me thought the school should let you pay them a $1000 which would let you bypass the line. Either that or they should have an auction and sell off the slots, to the highest bidder-effectively removing those slots from folks who can barely afford the model fee and classes. So this would make the classes affordable to who? Oh yeah, those with gobs of cash. I mean we have a few younger kids (early 20s and in their teens) who can barely afford the $180 for the class. I asked him how fair was that since at this moment, if you want to attend one of Rob’s classes you simply have to get out of bed early and wait in line. The process is fairly democratic if you want to be in class you wait.

I heard another guy ranting (I think he was around #50) that he’d shown up at 7am and there were already a ton of folks in front of him. Sigh. Most of the early birds were after the morning and afternoon slots so trust me-me being in line in front of you actually helped since I was shooting for the evening class 🙂

6 responses to “Waiting for Liberace

  1. oh so you got it! I am very happy for you, the democratic line still works 😀

  2. Yes, as long as you don’t mind waking up in the morning.

    I live in a town were there are many haves and not too many have-nots. It always amazes me the sense of entitlement that people in this town feel. Apparently, they have no shame. I am referring to the man who felt that he donated money to the art league so he shouldn’t have to stand in line like everyone else.
    That makes my blood boil.

  3. hmmm why is that dog’s head on upside down?

    Do you know when he is going to be in Boulder? And if its oil painting or drawing?

  4. The dog was playing hide and seek under Deena’s skirt. She’s sticking her head out to say boo.

    No idea about Robert Liberace and Boulder. Hey check out the UK version of the Artist Magazine. He’s featured in it.

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