Yong Sim

I wrote this poem several years ago to describe my sister.

At the time I was a member of the stories.com (now called writing.com) community. The poem was posted there as part of my portfolio.

Yong Sim

Sweet gamine face
black hair shot through
with silver
laugh lines crinkle
eyes disappear into
tiny black slits

Wicked wit
Quick to laugh
about the strangest things

Love, given freely
to those who prove worthy
fighting through
the prize
is worth the war

Heart pierced
and bleeding
rusted shrapnel
won in battles that
never end
Part of her
abandoned and left behind on a lonely African beach

A wild thing at heart
at peace only
alone among
the high hills and streams
flyline dancing
on the roaring wind.

Night falls,
alone she communes with god


3 responses to “Yong Sim

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  2. Great poem. I have a poetry site called http://www.black-poetry.com
    You should continue developing your poetry. My poetry is really prose and I am not quite sure the difference.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words blackpoet!

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