Faces of the Fallen

I saw the Faces of the Fallen display of the paintings today. It was very sad.

It’s strange because my coworker is a tough cookie and he told me that he had to leave when he saw it because he’d gotten pretty teary-eyed.

The display shows a painting/artistic rendering of the service member who died, when they were born, the date they died, how old they were and who painted the picture.

I found only one by Robert Liberace, three by Edward (ted) Reed, one by Marjorie and several by artists I’d never heard of, but their paintings were incredible.

I had to explain to my friend why the paintings seemed a little strange. All of the paintings were drawn from photos, except for two which had a design. I am not sure if that meant there were no pictures.

These men and women looked so young. Some were only 19. There was a picture of one Army reservist who was in his 50s and he looked like he was full of piss and vinegar. The kind of guy you knew you could trust to take care of you and your friends.

If they decide to update the display I will volunteer either time and talent or money to support it. I’d donated previously through my bank when they said they were supporting it.

I did see the picture of a friend and coworker on display, it made me very sad. It was a good likeness and the artist nailed his smile.


2 responses to “Faces of the Fallen

  1. Maybe it is a bit obvious, but it remembers me that war is not a funny thing

  2. No, the pictures are very very sad.

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