Just what WoW needs, another BE Rogue

I decided to give WoW another shot. I goofed around on my 60 shammy for a bit this weekend. After talking with my husband I decided to roll a Blood Elf rogue just to see what the class is like.

I would try to level the shammy but the British guy who asked every girl in my old guild to marry him; including a friend who is gay, won’t stop bothering me. hence my new little rogue. Got to admit she’s fun so far. What is not so fun is a coworker asked me to log on my 70 priest (shadow) to heal during a quest. The shammy sucked, NO totems. None until I asked, how can you play a shammy to the fullest without a few totems? Ya know, windfury, strength, manna for your healer. It made no sense and told me this guy thinks enhanced means he plays like a tank. And sorry, but unless you’ve got great gear and really know wtf you’re doing you should not be tanking as a shammy, especially when we had a warrior in the group. Grrrr.

I liked plinking on the lowbie. But she’s just gonna be for the occasional fun thing. Weird thing is I think WoW on our server is still very short on endgame healers (what a surprise) I was invited to several heroic instances when I logged on the priest and several friends did not want to take no for an answer.

Interesting linkage ~~>Blizzcon II

No email confirmation about Rob Liberace’s class and workshops, I did see that they process my payment so happy days!

I know I’ve been all over topic wise the last 10 days, but that seems to be how my life has been. Hopefully things will settle down after I return from Portland OR next weekend.


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