Friday Night Class 10 Aug

I’ve discovered the violet in the clouds was the result of taking a photo in low-light on this camera. I may have to take it back to the store which makes me one sad panda.

The model for this evening was one of my favorites, she’s really nice and she has some really dramatic poses. I was very happy with the silver point drawing. In person this image is pale silvery gray. It’s difficult to take a picture of this type of drawing because the metal in the silver point reflects light.  I also decided to delete the picture of the drawing until I get a better image.

On the plus side, the model loved the drawing and she also loved the picture I painted of her during Ted’s class (I showed her on my camera).  I asked her permission to post the silver point becuase her face would be clearly visible. 

It’s late and I am tired so ~it’s off to bed.


3 responses to “Friday Night Class 10 Aug

  1. I think in general it’s better to see paintings in person, if it’s possible, for example what happened to you with Van Gogh is the same which happened to me with Chagall

  2. Oh? You didn’t like Chagall until you saw his work in person? What painting changed that for you?

    I was hoping the picture would have turned out nicer because of the lighting. I will try again later, because it’s so pretty in the moleskin sketchbook.

  3. I was 10-years-old at that time. I cannot say that I disliked him, I just haven’t any particular opinion. Then our teachers brought us to an exposition in Ferrara. There where many paintings there from the various periods of his art. There wasn’t a particular painting that has hit me, it was a general impression and I start loving his paintings.
    But if I look to photos I find them quite indifferent.
    My impression has been confirmed recently that I have the occasion to see his paintings again in an exposition in Rome.
    The only way to really understanding them is to see them in person. Photos don’t give you the same dreaming atmosphere that the paintings in person create.

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