Sunday Painting Class

Apparently my new found skills at a painter can make sweet older ladies cringe.

While waiting for the Torpedo Factory to be opened I talked with this sweet older woman and told her I was taking classes with Ted Reed.  So on the way out I stopped by (she was mannign the booth in one of the coops) and showed her what I did.  she cringed and gave me all sorts of advice (sigh).

I stepped out of my comfort zone today. The painting is simply supposed to be a road map on where to go next so we weren’t supposed to worry about making it ‘pretty’ jsut getting the angles, structure and lights/darks correct.

Pretty comes later.

Ted asked me to bring in a larger canvas, (since I use raymar panels) so I can have fun/explore larger format.  The results are utterly forgetable. Since I hate it I felt free to experiement with the colors in a way I wouldn’t do if it was something I adored.

I will miss class next Sunday so I am hoping I can get this done in the final session.  Although the kids will be in town so chances are the answer will be no.

I will past a copy of the painting later tonight.


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