The Sixty Minute Artist

I’ve been lurking around an interesting art blog called the Sixty Minute Artist.

The artist, Mr. Jerry Lebo’s premise is that as painter with a full-time job and large (well to me anyway) family and he must make the most efficient and effective use of his time. He can not putter about.Having read through his blog I realized he’d actually taken time off from work to paint full time in the past. He is a serious daily painter with a great deal to share and teach.

I really like Jerry’s blog because he is using the blog format to share with us the things he’s learned along the way.

Above Tesque, Jerry Lebo

Above Tesque by Jerry Lebo

What draws me to Jerry’s work is the boldness of the strokes he uses in his landscapes. They are lush and beautiful but spare as well. Spare and lush seem like diametrically opposed words to use when describing a painting. But if you look at this painting I think you will understand what I mean. Too get a better view of his brushwork, go to his sie/blog and look at the post titled “Location location”. I had a link here but it is not working. If you click on the painting, you will see a gorgeous closeup of this work.

I will add more about what I’ve learned at Jerry’s site later in the week. His site is well worth the visit.

On a Jet Plane…I fly to Portland Oregon tomorrow to pick up my stepchildren. Hopefully I will post more when I return. I am sad that I am missing a session with Robert Liberace and also with Ted Reed, but it can’t be helped.It’s a quick trip to Oregon, I return Sunday. I hope to get some time to paint both of the kids and to take them to a few museums while there are here, that is when we’re not exploring DC.I am in a pretty small apartment so it’s going to be very crowded with everyone here. But I haven’t seen them since December so I am really looking forward to it-crowded conditions and all.


5 responses to “The Sixty Minute Artist

  1. Thx for the link, I will definitely feature this on my blog as well. By the way, you might want to correct the link to his blog as it’s not working right now.

  2. hi,
    Thank you for the link comments. I deleted the link for now.

    I will hop over to your blog once I have a better connection.
    thanks again

  3. Hi Mongoose,
    I’ve had a look at Jerry’s work and for the most part it is superb. I also read through his blog for content and this fellow should be a teacher – he’s very good at seeing what his painting is doing and then explaining how he got there and what his thought process were. It’s lovely.

  4. Hi Kay,
    I am glad you like his work as well.

    I found his blog very informative as well as helpful in understanding how he paints.
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thanks for all the postive feedback. I hope everybody will check back often–I am doing a series of junk food paintings–starting with a pair of twinkies to be posted tomorrow. Jerry

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