Well the trip to Portland was fun.

I picked the kids up Saturday morning. We hit Powell’s Books downtown first thing. Then we did some shopping at Artist’s Media as well.

Afterwards, I took the kids to my in-law’s house and made reservations for dinner at Salty’s a local seafood place on the Columbia River (we had our wedding rehearsal dinner there and try to eat there once a visit). Since we were celebrating my Mother-in-Law Karen’s belated birthday I wanted to take her and Nick (her husband) as well as the kids to dinner there.

Karen took the kids to visit her family. I ran a couple of errands and then drove out to see my husband’s aunt and uncle as well as his grandmother. Stayed for a few hours and then we all drove back to Portland.

Dinner at Salty’s was nice, but they’ve gone pretty frou-frou. The seafood chowder was great as always and everyone really enjoyed their food. The Diver’s Scallops and the Smoke Salmon dinners were true standouts. Our waiter Jeremy was very nice (the kids really liked him and wanted to see him promoted!).

Salty’s had a jazz quartet playing on Saturday night. My in-laws love jazz and they knew several of the members of the group playing so they really enjoyed the evening. Me personally, I thought the band was a little too loud and it made conversation difficult. That’s probably sacrilege to say, lol.

Karen has mentioned to me several times that she wants to start painting with watercolors. So while we were at Powell’s I bought her a book on watercolors, and then bought her a moleskine watercolor sketchbook, small winsor newton paint set and an extra kolinsky sable brush. We gave it to her after her cake/candle arrived and she seemed to really like it!

With the kids in town I will try to paint studies of each of them. We should be all over so my posting will probably be a little sporadic as well.



2 responses to “Back

  1. Powell’s downtown is definitely one of the highlights of Portland whether you’re visiting or live here. Powell’s is the place.

    My wife and I used to go to Salty’s a lot but I think it moved from where it used to be and I don’t know where it is anymore. One thing that’s weird about Portland is that, with all the rivers there are very few restaurants with a view of water.

  2. Hi Bill,
    I love Powell’s.
    I found a really interesting book on painting in Powell’s. It’s called “The Craft of the Artist” by Erich Lamade. It was published in the 50s and has a lot of different instructions/recipes/formulas for mediums, preparations for murals and panels etc.

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