Oh Dear

While cruising through the word press tag painting I found another LOLJesus type blog.

This one is called LOLChrist. I thought the funniest image was: Absolve

For those unfamiliar with the message, the translation is “Oh Hi, I absolve. OK, thanks bye.” It’s gamer speak or l337 speak.

It looks like Hazel Motes just put this site up so there weren’t a lot of images to giggle over.

I always wondered why the individual who started LOLJesus (and now Hazel Motes with LOLChrist) started the LOLJesus-type blog.  Are their intentions outreach to a younger population? I think these are pretty funny since they usually play on our perception of popular images (Ben Hur, The Robe etc) of what Christ was like. I like to think that God and Jesus have great senses of humor and that they approve.  I mean you know God has a sense of humor since he made Pandas and Platypus’.


4 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. Hi, thanks for posting the link. I didn’t know about the loljesus sites (strangely enough, I only looked for lolchrist; loljesus doesn’t sound as funny to me).

    I can’t speak for why those guys do it, but I do it mainly because I’m interested in representations of Christ. (By the way, yes, I’m an atheist. No, I don’t think everyone should be an atheist.) Some of the paintings I’m putting up, like the Caravaggio, I like very much. Others are pretty stupid. Mainly it’s a fun distraction from other things. –HM

  2. Hi Hazel,
    Thank you for stopping by!
    I think it’s a great idea and the images make me laugh.
    The main thing I was curious about was whether you or the LOLJesus folks were using it to reach out to folks. But you’ve answered my question!
    Thanks again

  3. We at LOLJesus are mostly interested in mocking the ridiculous side of Christ-imagery. We pull images of Christ from all ages and styles, but our favorites are the things like the Jesus hot-air balloon, or the Jesus-and-kids-playing-sports figurines, etc. I don’t care if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, FSMist — that stuff is just silly, and loads of people don’t see it that way. It boggles the mind.

    Additionally, we find that people take religion WAY too seriously. I personally have found theat more often than not, things that people refuse to let humor get near, are things that need to be re-examined. If you’re truly comfortable in your faith, you should be able to find the humor in it as well. Once a monk asked Yun-men, ‘What is Buddha?’ And Yun-men said, ‘Dried shitstick.’ Damn right.

    As for LOLChrist–more power to ’em! We’d be ecstatic to see a thousand LOL[insert savior] blogs.

  4. Hi there!
    Glad to learn the hows and whys! 🙂

    I do not own a Jesus action figure or the rock’em sock’em nuns but its always come down to lack of suitcase space. There is a shop that sells these items on Pearl Street in Boulder.

    Rock on!

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