Friday Night and Monday Morning

goggle dog  I was drinking coffee after a bike ride this weekend.  When a lady walked by with this dog. I begged her to stop so I could take this picture.  I couldn’t seem to get the poor pooch to look into the camera (I am certain he was mortified) I did get the several great shots of him.   While not as cute as a friend of mine’s king charles spaniel, the goggle dog is quite charming!  

 fuzzy slipper

 I recently attended an all-day workshop given by Robert Liberace.  Matt Zoll of Zoll Studios  in Baltimore Maryland hosted the event.  It might sound strange to drive 90 minutes (through morning rush hour traffic) to watch Rob paint because I am already in his class in Alexandria.  But it made sense to me.  Usually in class, we receive a 30-40 minute demo which is always amazing; but it is short.  So you never really see him making decisions on what should stay or how something should be changed. 

The model Rob used is a favorite of his and he has a phenomenal ability to contort his body into these amazing poses-and hold them for 20 minutes at a time.  

fini torso  Here is what Rob’s painting looked like towards the end of the day-long demo.   I just included the torso but you can see how gorgeous it is. I took about six pages of notes and sketched the different structures/anatomy he discussed. 


 my friday night work Here is a shot of the painting I am working on.  I don’t really like it at all and I need to reshot the picture under better light.  If it looks odd to your structure-wise, it is.  She’s reclining and the lighting was dramatic and I have a lot more work to do on her legs, abdomen  and breasts and her head still isnt’ right.  I was a little more fearless on color application in the inital stages which is new for me.  This Friday is the last pose with this model, so I only have one more chance to try and fix things and get her correct.

The other excitement this weekend was an artist (whose work I love) delivered several paintings on Saturday.  I really had a blast talking for a while with him about the hows and whys of his paintings.  And I was able to show him the paintings I am lucky enough  to own and tell him why I loved each one.  I decided the yummy goodness would have to be shared so I am bringing them to class on Friday.  At some point I will go ahead and photograph them and then link them here.  So stay tuned.





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