Color Theory

If you haven’t already read his post, take a look at artist David Rouke’s discussion on Color and Color mixing at his blog All the Strange Hours.  The first time I heard people discussing Munsell Color Theory and the workbook in class I didn’t say much even though I was very curious.  But I went home and googled it and was extremely impressed with the system. 

David lays out the disucssion of how Munsell’s system works:

Rather than a color wheel, Munsell is built around a three-dimensional color space. This space takes the shape of an irregular cylinder. Munsell uses three properties of color: value, hue, and chroma.

If you are interested in the workbook checkout this link for the Munsell’s book.  Amazon currently has 7 used sets if you can not afford the $64. Make sure you read the description closely since many students have used the workbook and turned it in for their grades. 

Correction:  Apologies again over the name mix-up David!


2 responses to “Color Theory

  1. Urr…That would be my blog. My name is David, actually.

  2. Ops, I will correct it sorry !

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