Last Friday Night

Adam Friday NightLast Friday night our model was Adam. While Adam has amazing musculature and definition, I am not a huge fan of painting him. For some reason, his chest always seems puffed out as well as his abdomen, in a very odd way. Adam does not have a beautiful body in the classic sense. His body fat is low enough that you can actually see the grain of some of the muscle tissue -perhaps that’s why painting him disturbs me so much?

I really disliked the way I massed his figure and I kept wanting to wipe the image and restart it. But Rob and several other folks in the class said it looked great, so I left the painting alone. Once I got the painting home and really looked at it I realized I did capture the pose correctly.

Since this was the initial lay in, everything is fairly crude. The idea is to capture the general lights and darks and keep the edges soft-to allow reworking later.

The background was a mid pea-green. the lighting wasn’t as dramatic as the last model but it really showed off Adam’s definition. Normally I wouldn’t paint a basic background in so soon, but Adam’s hair and skin tone are orange-ish and if I don’t have some type of green in now, I think I would have problems later.

Monday morning-

I spent Monday morning in line at the Arts League at 3:30am (yawn).  Apparently, students of Rick Weaver, Danni Dawson and Robert Liberace all gather and wait for the few available slots.   We’re the hard core uber fans.  I arrived at 3:30 in the morning and I was still number seven in line.  Why? Because it’s difficult to get in their classes.  Rick Weaver had a painting in the last Smithsonian Portrait Competition at the National Portrait Gallery here in DC, both have won awards in competitions hosted by the Portrait Society of America.  A testiment to their excellence is that both have won prestegious awards in the International Portrait Competition from the Portrait Society of America; Rob won the Best of Show in 2002 and the Grand Prize in 2003, Rick Weaver won Best of show in 2003.

So with the number seven I am sure to get into the class I want.  Yeah!!


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