New Home in December

I will be moving soon and I am getting pretty excited.

I’ve committed to living in DC for the foreseeable future. Although I moved here kicking and screaming, I was surprised to find I like it here. The easy transportation, museums, Art galleries, cultural events, and friends who live in nearby towns make this a nice place to live.

The original reason for being here doesn’t exist anymore. That fills me with grief that was incapacitating at times. But I have the choice to be sad, lonely and miserable or to move on.  I survived August, September and October and it no longer hurts to breath and I no longer feel like I have a huge hole in my chest. Now I simply want to move from where I live to start fresh. So I am moving…on.

I’ve chosen to do buy an apartment in a part of the greater DC area.  The unit is located in a safe area, lots of galleries nearby and it’s close to work and friends.

It has gorgeous bones, and it has 10′ tall ceilings, high large windows with northern light to paint by and floor to ceiling bookshelves.  When I walked in and saw the bookshelves I knew I would put in an offer. So once some work is done in the bathroom (new tub and tiles) I will be moving out of my apartment and into my little slice of heaven.

3 responses to “New Home in December

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re painting and writing again. Congratulations on your move.

    I grew up in Delaware and, although I haven’t been to DC in many years, I always thought it had the best museums of any city I’ve been to. The Hirshhorn was a favorite of mine in my college days.

  2. Well, welcome to DC. I have to say, I spend most of my time avoiding the crowds and imagining living somewhere else– but there are plenty of cultural opportunities.

  3. Hi Bill, I think the National Gallery is my favorite, followed in a close second by the Smithsonian’s Portrait Gallery. I managed to get to the Hopper and the Turner exhibit last weekend. Both were very interesting but I was surprised that I didn’t love the works more once I viewed them in the flesh (e.g., thought I’d adore Turner’s alter works – which I did like but not love, and same for Chop Suey and Nighthawks by Hopper).

    The one thing I haven’t done is venture to many of the gallery openings in DC, not sure why since I get mailings from a bunch of them but so far nothing has hit me hard enough to go and visit. Perhaps I am saving my enery for ArtDC agian?

    Hi Nat and welcome to my blog. I loved the image of your dog! It’s gorgeous.

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