Le Labo Perfumes

fleur_d_o.gifRecently I decided that it might be nice to start wearing a scent again.  But although I love Calyx I wanted to try something new and different.  So, now I need a new scent; hence my experiment with Le Labo.  La Labo is  a perfume store based out of Grasse, France and NYC, NY.  You can check out the products they have to offer at their website.

Note the photo is from the Le Labo website.

Apparently this perfume is supposed to be very fresh because it’s mixed for each order.  The scent is based on essential oils and it is a perfume vice cologne.  The prices reflect this. One inexpensive way to try their perfumes is with a discovery set.  You can order three 5ml vials of their scents for $50 dollars plus shipping. 

I ordered my discovery set with Iris 39, Bergamot 22, and Fleur D’Oranger 27.  Although they promised to personalize the set, mine was sadly nameless-so I am not as sophisticated as the next gal.  The number behind the name refers to the number of components use to make the scent.

Iris 39was the first scent I applied.  I found the initial smell slightly overwhelming.  I thought I smelled like a church lady! But this scent eventually settled down.  I still am not certain how much I like it but I do know that this is a scent I would wear in the winter and it is a sexy romantic scent as well.  It’s very subtle and it reminds me of flowers mixed with sharply cut tulip stems, sharp and green.  I felt incredibly sexy and sophisticated wearing this scent.   UPDATE  The men I work with did not like this scent; however, several older/contemporary friends of mine love it.  So perhaps it depends on your age whether you could carry it off. 

Bergamot 22.  When I sprayed it on initially I loved it, five minutes later I wasn’t so sure.  There was a dry bitter scent underlying and slightly overpowering the bergamot scent.  Another five minutes and I loved it again.  The bitterness settled and now it’s just a light bergamot scent for a hint of something else.  I love Earl Grey tea so this smells a little like a tin that used to hold it, but a little more complex.  I think I like it and after wearing it for an hour I can say that I definitely like this!!)  UPDATE  The men I work with seemed to like this one!

Fleur D’Oranger 27.  I think this is my favorite scent- the citrus scent is subtle and it is absolutely suitable for a man or a woman.  It’s delicious and doesn’t smack you in the face. This is a scent that someone will want to lean closer to breath and sample the scent.  The scent is clean, like linen that’s been in the sun that had orange blossoms laid on them.  It’s evocative of long warm afternoons reading the paper and cuddling with someone you love.

I may order another set of different scents as my Christmas gift to myself.  These are worth exploring! A wonderful review of several additional Le Labo scents can be found at Robin K’s cool blog, Now Smell this. If you’re looking for a new signature scent, and you don’t think you want to go the route of Le Labo, I suggest you go over to Robin’s blog and read her comprehensive reviews on perfumes.Next week I will wear these to work and ask my panel of trusty male coworkers how they rate each scent as well.  I promise to post thier thoughts. 

Post edit
I have to say now that I do love the Iris scent and find it to be a very sexy fragrance.  The Bergamot is my second choice followed closely by the orange.  I didn’t get a chance to visit Le Labo when I was in NYC last week but I intend to on my next trip there.


2 responses to “Le Labo Perfumes

  1. They just opened in Los Angeles. I love the Iris 39, sensual, sophisticated, and mysterious, but the Jasmine 17 and the Neroli36 are amazing as well, both soft and gentle. Jasmine, very natural with definite notes of Orange Blossom and vanilla, non-aggressive, yet assertive, perfect for day to day wear, and while Neroli 36, like a sea breeze, fresh and airy, soft and almost tropical, but in a good way. Reminds me of a relaxing day by the sea side.

  2. I have really come to love Iris 39. I haven’t tried the other scents yet. Did you know they have certain scents that are exclusively available at specific stores? I wonder which one is new to the LA store?
    I will have to check out Neroli 36 it sounds great.


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