Christmas Time

Shopping and NYC

I just spent four wonderful days hanging out in New York City returning to DC on Christmas Eve. 

Most of the days were filled with shopping, eating and hanging out. On the first day I had lunch with a dear friend at the MoMA’s Modern Restaurant.  They have a $45  fixe prix menu  that was amazing.  If you plan on visiting the museum, make a point of calling for a reservation at the Modern, you will not regret it.

While I was eating lunch I  thought I spotted a celebrity who was also eating with friends. My unobtrusive photo only proves that I need a zoom lens…sigh.

I discovered the absolute joys of shopping in NYC was stumbling into ABC Home, I think I want to buy one of everything in the whole store.  It was a shock to see sheets selling (at 50% off!) there for a final price of $350  per sheet and some sheets that were running about $400-1000 a sheet, a cost that is mind boggling to me.  In the sheets defense they were egyptian cotton and had a thread count of 1000 per square inch. Maybe it’s me, but I doubt my skin would notice the difference after oh, say 500 threads per square inch? I do know that the key to buying cotton sheets is to look for the egyptian cotton since the threads are longer hence softer sheets.

I was also able to see Crate and Barrel’s CB2 store as well as Muji on Broadway. I bought tons of stocking stuffers, a gorgeous linen duvet cover from Muji and lusted after some of the wonderfully affordable furniture at CB2. The only reason I didn’t purchase any new furniture for the condo is because I am not sure what will fit in there, both style-wise and size-wise.



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