Another Friday Night

Friday night, first drawingI started my drawing class with Robert Liberace last Friday night.  Our Model was Becky and she has this wonderful serene presence.  Drawing her is lovely. 

Robert Liberace Study/Class Demo

This is Rob’s demo for the class.

It’s so much fun taking this class now, I know about 1/3 of the students from other classes and a lovely friend from the art league is taking classes with her husband…so I have the fun of seeing both of them!

I will be out of town on Friday so I won’t be able to finish my sketch, makes me a sad panda.  I will take a picture of what I’ve done so far and post it here tomorrow. It came out really well for an initial sketch, there is lots to refine but since I won’t be here I will miss the chance to really work on the shadows.

I am still moving into the condo and it’s confusing as all get out. Everything is in boxes still and I can’t seem to find anything. I don’t have internet or cable at the new place yet so I can only post, catch as catch can. 

I am working on a posting for the three-day painting portrait painting workshop that I took from Robert Liberace in early December.  I actually really like the final painting I did for that class.  It’s not any great shakes, but I feel like I really nailed the composition, form and coloring.  I think if I’d have had another sitting to further refine things I would have loved the painting.  But liking isn’t a bad thing for a workshop painting.

More later,


3 responses to “Another Friday Night

  1. Mongoose1,
    Thanks for visiting my site. Here I am in return having a stroll through yours. There is something so satisfying about figure drawing! I’m glad you are enjoying it. Just keep in there!
    Did you notice in this figure drawing of RL’s that the two breasts look like languid eyes, as if there is a person’s face in the the centre of the drawing, making up the torso. It is so perfectly proportioned that it feels very tastefully right, not some gimmicky thing.
    A teacher who draws this well should be a great inspiration to you.

  2. He’s amazing. I’ve really been learning a lot from studying with Robert.

    For the evening classes, Rob switches between painting and drawing which has been great. Although it’s the oil painting I want to learn from him, taking his drawing classes has really helped me sharpen my preception of the figure.

    Nest term is oils painting again and I am pretty happy to jump back into it again.

  3. Your drawing is very good. You’ve really improved since you started studying with him. Impressive even if you are the older twin. And shorter.

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