MoMA and Christmas continued

The great thing about my trip to NYC at Christmas time (err besides the fact that everyone was in a  great mood and happy!) was seeing two of my all time favorite paintings; Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth and Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.

Starry Night

I think I  love Starry night because seeing its lush impasto strokes reminds me of how light sometimes appears at night when you squint. Those late summer evenings, fireflies flickering, the halo around the stars. 

The band of swirling light which bisects the cypress reminds me of how the milky way looked one winter when I was in Zermatt, Switerland. The sky  was almost that breath taking.  

I love Christina’s World because she seems some hopeful and independent, even if Christina’s Worldshe is crawling to get from place to place. I like the idea of that type of fierce independence in a person.  

The link provides a more information from wikipedia about the history of the painting. I didn’t know Wyeth’s wife, Betsy who modeled for the painting. 

I’ve always found Wyeth’s prowess with egg tempera amazing.  And for those who look down their noses at egg tempera I offer this.  For years, until the experimentation with oils between the 12th-15th century (actual time oils were ‘invented’ is somewhat in dispute) egg tempera was the method for applying pigment to board.





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