Monday Morning Roll Call

Spring enrollment for the Alexandria Arts League began today at 09:30.

Myself and the usual crowd of Robert Liberace students all met between 03:15 and 4:30 this morning.  Normally we stand in line, get our numbers for registration determines where you are in order of what classes you can get into) and then freeze until the Starbucks or the la Madeline opens. 

This time I invited my friends from class over for breakfast after we picked up our registration numbers.  They brought homemade coffeecake and fruit and I served scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, earl grey tea and casi cielo coffee. 

It was a lot of fun.   I guess I forgot how much I really enjoy having friends over and feeding them.  To add to the insanity-or simply my exhaustion, I forgot to schedule a day off so I had to work early this morning. 

Drawing 1 Feb 07

 So, why do we stand in line and freeze for several hours? I do it to ensure I can get a seat in Rob’s Friday painting class.  I am learning that much in his class and I can really see the improvement in my work.  Particularly how I render the form.  I will post some pictures of the drawings I’ve made in the class so far.

Last Friday evening our model was great.  He looked like a normal guy on the street.  The lighting was a bit dramatic on him, he was seated and he had lights above and in front of him as well as a bright light on the floor illuminating his lower back.  I wish we had another session with him, he was that much fun to draw.

I still need to do more work on this, but frankly I’d prefer to leave it.  I actually like this one and I am afraid of taking it too far and ruining it.

 Third Week Male Model Drawing

This drawing is from the model we had for the third week of class.  He had a very athletic build and for his warm up he stood in some physically difficult poses.  


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