The Cupboard of Good Things

I am still unpacking and rearranging things at the new condo. 

So far, I’ve placed all of my smaller paintings, fragile tiny pottery, a kachina, some 1st edition books I love, and other debetage inside of it. I’ve been calling it the cupboard of goodness.

So for a tour (from top to bottom) here goes….

The cupboard of Good Things

The top shelf contains, three ivory netsukes purchased in Biloxi Missippi in the mid 1980s, a wooden box I bought in Morocco in 1990, a horn box from Jordan, a small piece of pottery purchased last year at the Governor’s Palace in Santa Fe, NM and a Hopi Kachina I purchased in Albuquerque, NM.   The paintings are a Duane Keiser egg painting and a Peter Holbrook oil study of the Grand Canyon.  I purchased the egg painting from Duane Keiser and I purchased Peter Holbrook’s landscape through the Peterson-Cody Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Cupboard of Good Things


A closeup of the cupboard


Here is a close up of the netsukes

   Duane Keiser Egg Paintings  

The Second shelf contains four more of Duane Keiser egg paintings.  I love these paintings and I am such a huge fan of Duane’s work!  Here is a close up of my favorite egg painting (it’s the dark one).

The third shelf contains three painting by Leslie Holt from her Hello Masterpiece series, Hello Olympia, Hello Botticelli and Hello Van Gogh (Self Portrait) as well as a wooden cow I carved in the 1980s and a cat ornament which reminds me of my poor lost cat Tripp (he escaped when I lived in Albuquerque and I’ve never seen again).

The fourth shelf contains some books that I love; none are particularly valuable, but I love them all the same.  The House of Exile by Nora Waln, I married Adventure by Osa Johnson,  and three Gene Stratton Porter books: Her Father’s Daughter, Freckles, and my absolute favorite Laddie.

The House of Exile is story written by a Philidelphia quaker girl whose family had trade connections with the Lin familiy in Hopei (Canton area) China.  Ms. Waln was invited to visit the Lin familiy and travelled to China in the 1920s.  In her book, she gives an indepth account of what like was like in an upper middle class family (the Lins were Mandarin scholars which is was the ruling class).   I read this while in college in the 80s and it took me years to find another copy of it.

Gene Stratton Porter is another of my favorites.  I love her book Laddie and I think it demonstrates the mindset of the truly civic minded individualist in the late 19th century.  I love the Osa Johnson book because of it’s beautiful cover…I am still looking for a 1st edition of her Safari book where the cover is a giraffe pattern. 

The bottom shelf contains an oil study (I did) of pussy-willows, an Andrew Moon business card drawing that I love, and a study of my manx cat, Wyatt.    There is also a burl-wood and ebony box I bought in morocco, and a beautiful mercury glass vase I was received as a Christmas gift.

Although these things were initially placed in the cupboard for safety’s sake while I unpacked and moved things around- I love the idea of a cupboard of curiosities so I may leave it as is for now.


3 responses to “The Cupboard of Good Things

  1. love it!

  2. oops, didn’t mean the above comment to be anonymous– Duane.

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