Super Tuesday

“Our Chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

 Ralph Waldo Emerson


I spent Super Tuesday with a friend at a party where we watched the results of the primaries roll in.  It was interesting being a former republican (I’ve decided I am an independent) in a room full of democrats.

There was a potluck, everyone brought a food dish from a state that had a primary or a caucus.  I had to bring food from North Dakota, hooray.  Since I was arriving from my office, I couldn’t make anything from scratch; so I brought cupcakes from Starbucks.  Not very North Dakota-ish but my father was from North Dakota and he loved chocolate so I figured it wasn’t too far of a stretch. 

The evening was interesting, there were a ton of folks young and old pigging out and really enjoying themselves. During the evening I talked with someone who is involved with the democrats outreach efforts to the christian communities.   This wasn’t the first time I’d heard some discussions about it, but it’s the first chance I had to really sit down and ask someone some questions and to share my concerns.

I told the lady I spoke with about what I’d seen happen in the republican party when they started courting the far right Christians (morale majority folks) .  Keep in mind that I am simply a voter so my opinions are not made as political commentary so much as what I saw happen in my party.

I believe that the decision to court this block of voters and welcome them into the republican party destroyed the party that I knew and joined in the 80s.  Why do you ask? Well the republicans, just like the democrats have a membership that runs the gamut from extremely liberal to extremely conservative.  Sadly, I’ve watched the far right membership of the republican party become so dominant and have such an influence, that some like me who is extremely liberal in my outlook no longer has a voice within the my own party.  I keep wondering, who let these people in and WHY are they still here

To see what I am talking about take a look at the republican presidential candidates.  The only way to get the support to be on the ticket is to be pro-life.  Period.  Look at Rudy Giuliani…he ran on a pro-choice ticket as mayor and now suddenly he’s pro-life?  So when did that happen?  If you looked at the CNN political ticker before the Iowa Caucus you would have read similar views on roe v wade by all the republican candidates. All of the statements were cookie cutter and you could tell they’d been wordsmithed to death.

I felt so disgusted with the republican candidates, that I went to the democratic side and looked at what their candidates were saying.  After reading everything, I’d decided on Senator Joe Biden and volunteered to help his campaign accordingly.  I guess that was the beginning of the end for me and the republican party.  Since Senator Biden didn’t make it past Iowa I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about where my loyalties now lie (as far as political parties). 

I originally chose the republicans when I was in the military.  I am a fiscal conservative and I believe in a strong military and strong industrial base.  But I feel that in the last 10 or so years that the republicans have pillaged this country, between NAFTA (yes I know President Clinton did that one) shipping jobs overseas, the current administration allowing our natural resources to be pillaged (timber harvesting in the Northwest is an example), and the morass of Iraq. 

I think the best hope for our country is a democrat.  I’ve also decided that the best place for me (for now at least) is as an independent, although I believe the day is coming when I will rejoin the dems. 




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