Lunar Eclipse

Didn’t get such a great picture of the eclipse, but it was beautiful.

I was riding the Metro (yellow line) and we came above ground between the Pentagon and L’Enfant plaza stops to cross the Potomac.  And there it was.  So the pic was taken with an iPhone at about 40mph.  It was still beautiful.

 When I arrived at my stop I took a few more pictures and my friends and I talked about it.  Others heard us and stopped to look and take their own pictures.  It made me wish I was in Big Bend National Park in Texas.  There is little light pollution and the view of the eclipse there must have been incredible.



2 responses to “Lunar Eclipse

  1. You have such a LOVELY blog!!! 🙂

  2. Oh thank you so much!
    It’s been tough since I’ve moved and couldn’t decide between cable or DSL, but the installer will be there on the 8th so it will be back to more regular posting!

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