If you Love Artist Duane Keiser!

Note, edited to include photo and comments.


 Oysters, by Duane Keiser

Here is photo of the painting Duane Keiser created on February 27th, Duane sent this a few days ago.  I believe he’s still doing some work/adjustments on it.  It was amazing to watch this work being created.  Thank you Duane for sharing this with us.

The email he sent announcing the session quoted Charles Dickens, “Secret and self-contained and solitary as an oyster.” If this was the imagery he was trying to evoke, I believe he succeeded.  

Original Post

Duane will be video streaming the creation of an entire painting tomorrow (27 February 2008)!

For those who are long time fans, he expirmented with this last year.  He would paint an oddment size work (approx 2.5×3″) using streaming video.  The first person to guess the title won the first shot at buying the work. It was creative, it was theater it was exicting!

Here is the link to the video, or through Duane’s Blog.  See you there.

Embedded is here (I hope)

(Note Ii’ve tried to embed the video as well but not sure it worked!)


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