I am hosting a housewarming party on Saturday and am trying to figure out my menu.  I will be having about 15 over.

I plan on serving dinner and drinks.  The menu (still fiddling with it) will be:

Homemade Beef Ragu with bow tie pasta

London broil with light soy sauce  

Salad (organic field greens with homemade candied/spicy pecan and crumbled blue cheese -dressing of balsamic vinegar, white truffle oil and organic olive oil)

Some type of starch or some veggies

Variety of cheeses and crackers (I am a huge lover of the whole foods cheese selection).

I will try to make the crackers from scratch if I have the time, if not its Carr’s cracked black pepper and the rosemary/sea-salt ones from whole foods (they are sooo yummy).

Humangous Shrimp and cocktail sauce

A variety of small nibbles (smoked salmon, tiny crab cakes, samosas, sugar snap peas, etc).

Drinks will be:  Sodas (diet/regular), supplies to make Italian cream sodas, wines/ports

I don’t drink and the item besides wine that was requested was grey goose vodka so I will grab a bottle of that as well.

I wonder if I’ve missed anything?

Haven’t figured out dessert may just grab a selection of things from a bakery or whole foods. No idea yet.


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