Party After Action

Party pic

The party was a success!

There were 14+ folks shoe-horned into my condo Saturday night.  About half of the guests were from painting class and the others were either work friends from North Carolina or friends from where I currently work.

It was fun to see how everyone interacted.  There were extreme opposites in the room.  There were former  military/retired military/active duty folks; and artists.  The artists friends are my favorite people from class and their spouses…who are all so dedicated and talented.   

We talked about art, we talked about politics, travel- basically everything under the sun.  One weird thing is that at least five of us in the room have lived in Montana at one point in our lives…how’s that for unusual?

It was such a great mix and the guests talked non-stop.  I had all the shutters thrown open so everyone on the street passing by could see in as well.  I wondered what it looked like.  I should have gone outside to peep but I was too busy cooking or yakking.Everyone stayed until about 11:30-12 midnight so I think they all enjoyed themselves.  I love cooking for crowds so I had a blast.

I ended up serving the homemade beef Ragu with pasta, roasted tri-tip (a sirloin roast I think) a soy-glazed flank steak, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus.  The munchies were smoked salmon, shrimp, cheese/olives and crab puffs (mini crab cakes) and spanakopita.

The photograph

Oh, in case you are wondering.  The Labrador andirons I bought from a garage sale in northern Virginia.  I have no idea whether they are antique or fairly new, I just really liked them.  Someone in the neighborhood gave away the firescreen (my previous one was metal mesh) it’s tempered glass with lead holding the individual pieces of glass together. It’s very heavy and it’s way too feminine for me, I’d prefer a flat piece of tempered glass and metal with a very streamlined look.  But it was cheap and I can see the Labrador andirons clearly, so it stays.  I’ve had the small oak table since I lived in Texas in the ’90s.  It’s funny because this is the first place it actually looked like it belonged.  I guess the scale is correct for the couches.  The rug is wool dyed indigo with hand embroidery in wool cotton and silk, I bought it in 1990 in Morocco.  Although I’ve been told there were other styles I should have purchased, I loved how the dye changed from place to place on the rug and so that is the one I brought home with me.


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