World of Warcaft (when old addictions call)

My sister told me yesterday that there is a new server that just opened last Tuesday, she rolled a hunter on it and is in her 30s I think.  She’s already doing the crafting etc and fishing no less. 

I’m jonesing and I want to slide over to that new server and roll something just to play again. 

It’s been such a long time since I’ve played that I wasn’t aware they’ve change the leveling speeds between 30-40 and 50-60.  You could do it before in about a week if you played virtually nonstop.  For those of us who were slackers it took a wee bit longer.  Most of those leveling fast are hunters of course.  A hunter or lock (think caster with pet) is great to solo or grind but much harder later to find a party to quest with. 

They will be connecting my cable and my intra-web this Saturday. It’s been great living without either but it has been getting harder to get some things done (online banking, shopping online etc).  Yeah I know that looks stupid, it’s called laptop and public wifi connection which I hate.

Well back to the grindstone.


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