Interesting Weekend

A friend of mine in drawing class shared this story with me.

My friend showed up early for her painting class last week at a studio in Northern Virginia.  She showed up early so that she could sit and chat with the instructor who is a friend of hers.  The instructor is an elegant older lady who has been painting for decades.

While they were talking, a man walked in off the street and exposed himself.  Nonplussed, they both looked at him and then the instructor told him they didn’t need a model since it was a still life class.  She sent him down the hall to the life drawing rooms and they both continued talking. 

Yes you read that correctly.

Can you imagine being a flasher and wanting to shock people and being told to go to the life drawing room?  Too funny.

Also, this Friday the nice fedex man delivered this beauty. I invited some friends from my class to come over for the unveiling. It’s very stark and a cityscape which is unusual for me.  I’ve lusted after Sonya Sklaroff’s work for years.  This was the first time that she had smaller works for sale in a few years.  The photograph doesn’t really do the painting justice, there are thick impasto passages and for all the stark contrast there is a wonderful translucence on the lower portion of the painting. 


3 Watertowers and Pipe Skarloff

3 Watertowers and Pipe, Sonya Sklaroff

12″x12″ Image courtesy of GoArt online

Sonya’s show, State of Mind, at the Corning Gallery at Steuben Glass just closed.  To learn more about Sonya, click here to see her website or her agent’s site (Odile Gorse) or these interesting  sites/articles:

Greg Peterson




This weekend I attended the Collectors show at the Alexandria Arts Center.  It was an amazing event with great art.  I will post more on it later this week.

Also, in something totally unrelated to the topics; I rolled a new character (toon) on a World of Warcraft server.  It’s a warlock (I started a hunter and was told the server needed ‘locks sooo).  So far it’s been fun.  But I want to have something to play for sheer enjoyment. No messing around with guilds, raiding nothing except for having a good time. So far I have her 1/2 way to level 10.  If I remember correctly, the voidwalker quest truly sucks (ok it’s not as bad as the fire totem quest for a shaman but it’s close) but my sister said she’d help.  

Tot zeins

6 responses to “Interesting Weekend

  1. Nice purchase! I have a penchant for industrial lace – the structures that aren’t buildings in our urban and industrial landscapes. You must be really happy with your new purchase!

  2. Hi K,
    I’ve loved her work from the first view. Still haven’t decided where to hang it, so for now it’s parked on my mantle.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I found your blog through a search on Sonya. Couldn’t agree more about her work. I discovered her in 1995. Great artist.

  4. Hi Brian, ohh if you discovered her work in 95 you are one lucky man. I am always delighted to see an artist’s work increase in value –but of course it means it’s less affordable for folks like me.

  5. Well, I’m a long time in getting back to your blog but, yes, Sonya is a great artist. I saw her work in a gallery in Camden, Maine in 1995 – the same one I used to show at. I’ve loved watching what’s been happening for her. She deserves it!

  6. I just received a mailer for her newest show and it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

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