World of Warcraft

Played a little more World of Warcraft last night instead of working on my taxes like I thought I would.

I’ve forgotten alot about the game, I stopped playing around November timeframe.  So it’s weird.  My sister told me there was a new server up (Cairne) so I figured I’d give WoW another shot.

Still trying to decide which class of character to play. I initially rolled a blood elf (BE) hunter but then decided to try a BE Warlock.  I leveled her to 12 Sunday evening and then dithered some more and ran a priest up to 7 last night. I like playing the healing class and also a priest levels pretty fast if they are shadow. 

I’ve heard there’s a marked lack of healers on the server.  I thought about leveling a shammy but I think a hunter or lock (since I’ve never gotten a  hunter past 32 or a lock past 14) should be fun or at least different.

I am considering buying Johanna’s leveling guide which shows you how to level really fast.  A friend of mine is using it and said he went from 1 – 17 in about 4 hours.  Pretty amazing. He said that the guides are written for a hunter but any class can use them. 

Also have no idea which professions to try.  Looks like jewel crafting and mining for now.  Initially was doing JC and skinning (I hate wasting all those pixal skins!) but it’s smarter to doing my own mining and smelting.


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