Gocco Printing

I’ve been lurking on a lot of graphic art, design and decorating blogs lately.  Several of them feature amazing art created with a Japanese screen printing machine called a Gocco.  Mind you, the only printing I’ve ever done involved a potato in 2nd grade (results weren’t memorable); but Gocco is easy!

This little sucker is a very compact table-top system.  It’s about the size of the yellow pages (well it’s narrower than that but it gives you a good idea).

Here is a picture of my original drawings.  I placed two on the screen so that I could use either end to make my stationary/print. 

Gocco Print Masters

 So last Friday I tried my hand at designing/printing using a Gocco that I recently purchased.  Here are the results.

                         Cat and Mouse Stationarystationary-2.jpg

The paper is a pale blue Cranes.  I will post a close up of the original drawing tonight.   

Using the Gocco was fun and very easy.  I created two different sized versions of this image, for use with larger stationary or for smaller cards like this.

People do an amazing amount of design (four color with registration etc) and the work is so very beautiful.  I won’t be making anything to sell, but I think this is a great way to make and design my own stationary.


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