Friday Evening Drawing

Last night I wasn’t really happy with my drawing.  I haven’t photographed it yet, as soon as I do I will link it.

This is a sanguine drawing I made I think, about four weeks ago during class.  Although it’s not deliberate, the model’s pose reminds me of how Tony Ryder poses his models.


 The last session of the class (besides the makeup days) gave us a choice of two great models.  Wayne who Robert Liberace uses quite a bit and another great female model.   

Here is a copy of Robert Liberace’s silverpoint drawing of Wayne.

Robert Liberace Silverpoint drawing of Wayne

The model in this drawing is one of Rob’s favorites and the model’s musculature and ability to hold a pose is amazing.  I was pretty frustrated because I was drawing him in silverpoint and couldn’t seem to get it right.

I had difficulty so I finally gave up and drew just his arm in a section of my moleskinne.  Sorry for the poor angle/lighting.  I really need to reload photoshop so I can at least lighten photographs.

Silverpoint Drawing of Wayne’s right arm



3 responses to “Friday Evening Drawing

  1. Your drawings are beautiful. I love the reclining red nude.

  2. Hi Belinda,
    Thank you for your kind comments!

  3. You have become an amazing artist. Again and again I am so impressed with your abilities and gifts.

    Such an improvement over the stick figures you drew at 6 =D (yes, I remember them, Brat.)

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