Chincoteague Island

Assateguae Beach

Assategaue Beach


Last weekend I drove down to Chincoteague Island, Virgina with some friends.  We had a great time. 

Chinoteague is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Washington DC.  From the capitol, you head east towards Annapolis MD and stay on Highway 50 until you hit Highway 13.  I think it’s about 170 miles away but once you pass the Chesapeake Bay Bridge it gets pretty congested. 


 The weather was cool with intermittent sun and showers; perfect beach weather!  We all headed to the Asseteague National Park on Saturday morning. 

Back Bay in the Park

Back Bay in the Park

First stop was trying to find the famous Chincoteague Ponies that they round up every July.  We found them within 3 miles of the park entrance about half a mile from the main road.  They were placidly munching away on grass.  Around us you could see a variety of birds such as the great egrets, snowy egrets, and herons.  We also saw some snapper turtles, a tiny herd of marsh deer that were swimming across a back bay to graze.  Terns, seagulls and these amazing diving birds were also everywhere.

The beaches were almost deserted since the wind was gusting and it was really cold by the water.  But walking along the water, hearing the waves roll and crash settles you somewhere deep down inside. 


I wanted to get away from things and just relax and get re-grounded again and spending an afternoon there really helped.

 If you go down there, recommend the Hampton Inn it was a great place to stay, the people were nice and it was quite close to some great places to eat.  Make sure you hit Bill’s and definitely try the chowder it was wonderful!

I probably should say that the top two photos were mine, I shot them.  This one was taken by a friend with my iPhone.



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  1. my you have a lot of gray hair! You probably have more than your nice twin does.

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