Some Silly Photos

I have an iPhone which I love, but it has drawback. The camera takes great pictures if the lighting is good and I am not trying to shoot a really up close macro shot. i wanted to post a few shots that I really liked that came from the camera…

So here goes

This first shot was taken from an Amtrak train window as I was speeding south to North Carolina from Union Station in Washington DC.

View from a South Bound Train

View from a South Bound Train

I love the sense of speed, movement and the bedazzlement of the sun in this picture. It makes me feel like I am a child again on the merry-go-round spinning as fast as I can.

This next picture is from further down the line on the trip.

Southboud Tree Tops

Southbound Tree Tops

This shot was I was biking along the Potomac River last summer.

River Trees

River Trees

This next picture is the silly one. I saw this notice on the terracotta painted walls at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. I think I loved it because of the blue one orange background it really jumps out at you.

Which Way?

Which Way?

The final picture was taken on 14th Street NW in Washington DC right outside of Plan B Art Gallery. I believe it was some type of asphalt paving equipment, but I loved how worn and colorful it was.

Street Sign

Street Sign

There are times I am tempted to go out and buy a really good camera since I love to take photographs and I believe I have a good compositional eye (except I should crop the last photo a bit.

Santa Fe Trees 3

Santa Fe Tree

And here are a few of my favorite from New Mexico.
There is some thing so beautiful about the color of the sky in New Mexico. I shot these near the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe. The tourists probably thought I was drunk because I had to lay flat on the ground to get the shot of that beautiful sky between the branches.
Santa Fe Tree

Santa Fe Trees 3

This is the Sandia Peak at sunset. It’s beautiful as always. Albuquerque New Mexico sits at just over 5.000 feet above sea level, the peak is at close to 10.000 feet. My favorite time of the day was leaving the office and driving home. I lived on the east side of the city so in the fall this is what I would see every day driving home.
Sandia Peak at Sunset

Sandia Peak at Sunset

Rosslyn Building

Rosslyn Buildings

Rosslyn. And here are a couple of shots I took about 3 or 4 years ago when I was in Rosslyn Virginia. I took them from the window of my hotel and there was something very attractive to me about the patterns reflected in the glass

Rosslyn Buildings 2

2 responses to “Some Silly Photos

  1. I just got a new camera… a canon elph SD (?)1100. It’s got a brilliant macro lens, and can even do digital macro. Only $220 at bestbuy.

  2. You know, I saw your post abotu cameras and was immediately struck by lust!

    Actually I thought your macro shots were amazing and I will probably buy one of those babies next payday! During my last anatomy class I was able to take pictures of the model’s leg/feet but the iPhone camera’s photos just didn’t do well under the intense lighting on the model and it had no close up ability.

    How steep was the learning curve for the macros? Also is it a memory stick (can you tell I had a cyber shot before?) or does it use SD cards or something similar?

    I was going to grab it from Amazon since I Think they are selling for 207 but paying 13 more for immediate (hold in your hands and shoot) has it’s charms!


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