Well He’s Done it Again!


Keiser Collector Website

Keiser Collector Website

Artist Duane Keiser just announced on his blog  On Painting, his newest experiment.    Duane will be using a social networking application similar to Facebook or Myspace which will allow those who collect Duane’s work to virtually meet.   It’s brilliant. 

In case you weren’t aware, Duane Keiser is the artist who started the Painting A Day movement with his blog  aptly titled A Painting A Day in 2004.  Duane initially started painting one painting each day as a way to  improve and focus on his work and eventually started selling them on his blog.  When that proved difficult (interest became overwhelming due to articles in the New York Times,  USA Today, Domino Magazine and several other articles as well as posting on blogs.  The concept has taken off virally and quite a few artists are successfully selling art using this business model.

In the post announcing the site, Duane states

I thought it would be interesting to have my collectors gather under one roof so that they could meet one another and display their collections. To this end I made a social networking site that is a bit like Facebook or My Space except that it is dedicated to collectors of my work. On this site you get your own page where you can display your collection, start your own blog, make comments, and see all the pages created my other collectors.

So far, it’s been amazing to see the depth and sheer breadth of some of the collections posted.  I’ve found it interesting to see how people have framed their paintings and I hope to learn how they discovered Duane’s artwork.    

I hate to admit it but I am also curious by nature, so it’s also been fun to see exactly who it is that I was bidding against on eBay for some of the paintings.  For example, I didn’t manage to buy a single of Duane’s Santa Fe paintings from several years ago but I have seen the collection of the person who did win them.  It’s like being invited over to someones home to peek at the wonderful works of art they have!

I am excited about the project and also really curious to see what happens with this project as well as if it will spread among other artists both those who adopted his Painting A Day model as well as those who work through the more traditional brick and mortar galleries.

If you are interested, anyone can view the front page of the site by clicking here on Keiser Collectors.  However, to join (and see the semi-private areas) you have to own at least one piece of artwork by Duane.  the specific details on how to join the Keiser Collectors can be found at Duane’s blog On Painting.  Hope to see you all there.


5 responses to “Well He’s Done it Again!

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog about the camera. Hate to leave this comment here, but…

    The macro is amazing!!! I wish I hadn’t deleted the pictures I took yesterday because i’d show you.

    I’d found some earrings in a junque store for my mother, who only likes screw-backs. It had a karat mark on the earpiece, but my eyes aren’t good enough to see what it said.

    I put the camera on digital macro and WOW! Came out clear as a bell and I could see every letter… 18k! Haha! Paid about $5 for them!

  2. Wow, when you think about what gold is selling for now! I have some heavy 24kt gold earrings I keep thinking about selling, simply because 1- I would never wear them and 2- well they are way way over the top and not my style at all.

  3. Hi – it’s really nice to meet a fellow blogger who has also been highlighting Duane on their blog. I think we might be running neck and neck on Duane posts!

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts about him and also the ones you’ve done about collecting art. The first one I looked at is really interesting!

  4. Hello Katherine,
    I’ve am a huge fan of your blog as well!

    Getting to meet the other collectors is something I was excited about (with Duane’s Keiser Colletors site); but it never occured to me how much fun it would be exploring everyone’s blog and seeing the artwork they love, collect or create.


  5. Can I borrow an egg please? Make that two.

    Seriously, why don’t you have some of the eggs posted? They are magnificent.

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