Artist Robert Liberace

Charles by Robert Liberace

Charles by Robert Liberace

I’ve been fortunate enough to study with artist Robert Liberace for a little over a year now. I thought it would be fun to write about an artist I love an respect who is also my teacher. I am a bit prejudiced towards him but this part of Virginia is filled with fans of his work.

Robert Liberace is a master of several genres, he’s a painter, sculptor and superb draftsman. Robert teaches painting and drawing as well as anatomy to both painters and sculptors. He teaches anatomy (ecorche) and he will be teaching silverpoint this year at Nelson Shank’s Studio Incamminati.

I love this portrait of Charles, it graced the cover of the Art League’s catalog several years ago. Here are some additional pictures of the work Roberts painted.

According to the bio at his website, Robert is

contemporary classicist, equally accomplished in drawing, painting, and sculpture. His work is inspired by centuries of knowledge of the old masters. He works in a variety of mediums including pencil, chalk, pen and ink, watercolor, and oil. In the February 2006 Issue of The Artist Magazine, Rob received the honor of being selected as one of the top twenty realist artists under the age of forty.

Orpheus by Robert Liberace

Orpheus by Robert Liberace

Robert draws and paints from life. In the classed we’ve been fortunate enough to have a few of his favorite models posing for us as well as some other wonderful models with amazing skin tones and features.

Male Studay by Robert Liberace

Male Study by Robert Liberace

I love the sheer drama of this painting, Male Study. Robert’s accurate depiction of the model’s anatomy is amazing. The coloring and lighting seem subtle up close but the sheer drama of the pose and composition are breathtaking.

Rob currently teaches painting and drawing at the Art League in Alexandria, Virgina. It is difficult to get into the classes and we usually stand in line at 3 or 4 am to get the chance to take his classes (fall and winter terms are very hard to get a spot in. Here is a link to an earlier posting about waiting in the winter for a class slot.

Lina by Robert Liberace

Lina by Robert Liberace

In addition to teaching on Fridays at the Art League, Rob also teaches workshops at the Art League. This past year he taught two workshops on upper and lower anatomy as well as a portrait workshop. For the 2009 Rob will be teaching Fridays as well as presenting the anatomy workshops again and a portrait workshop focusing on painting children. Hopefully I will get into the portrait workshop.

Rob also teaches workshops in Florida, Washington state, Massachusetts and some occasional trip to Europe. the most current information on his schedule may be found on Robert’s website.

Celia by Robert Liberace

Celia by Robert Liberace

The last two paintings I’d like to share with you is the portraits that Rob painted of his wife, Lina, and a delicate pencil drawing of his daughter Celia.

Note-The paintings in this posting are from Robert’s website; I will create an additional posting that shows the works that I am lucky enough to own.


One response to “Artist Robert Liberace

  1. Greta post about a great artist. You are so lucky to take classes with him. I can’t wait to see what you’ve collected!

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