Robert Liberace Collection (part 2)


Untitled Female Torso Study by Robert Liberace

Untitled Female Torso Study by Robert Liberace

Artist  Robert Liberace teaches classes on Fridays at the Art League in Alexandria Virgina.  He teaches drawing in the morning, oil painting in the afternoon and either a drawing or a painting class in the evening; it switches back and forth each term.

I love that he teaches an evening class because it provides those with traditional day jobs the opportunity to study with Rob.  Additionally, if you are focusing on a specific skill, say you’re working on your figure painting, he will usually accommodate you and your focus. 

All of the work I own by Robert are studies or demonstrations from his class.  I love the raw energy and the fresh feeling of these works.  They are not or finished; they are quick and convey as important information as possible (shadows temperature, flesh tones, what the reflected light is doing to the skin and the shadows etc).
The Female Torso Study  was created within about an hours during class.  Rob spent time explaining what he was doing as well as the choices he was making (i.e., what to emphasis, what to edit)  as he drew the model.  If you click on the picture you should be able to see the picture larger and really get a sense of how delicately the drawing was done.

Untitled female head study by Robert Liberace

Untitled female head study by Robert Liberace

Another wonderful drawing I own by Rob is a Untitled Female Head Study done using pencil and chalk.  One of things that might be easy to overlook on the Female Head Study is the egg floating above the model.  Rob will often start both his drawing and painting demonstrations by drawing (or painting) an egg.  Rob uses the eggs to demonstrate how simply we can render the light and shadows as well as the reflected light and cast shadows.

Quite often the eggs are wonderful jewels in their own right, but I find them very instructive sitting next to the figure or portrait.  They allow me to see clearly where the lights/shadows are without getting lost in the details of where to place the model’s features.



Untitled Silver Point Drawing by Robert Liberace

Untitled Silver Point Drawing by Robert Liberace

 This last drawing is one of my favorites.  The model is one that Rob has used for a number of his drawings.  To really see the range of this model’s abilities I recommend you view Robert’s page at the Arcadia Gallery website.

I have to apologize in advance for the quality of this photo.  It is difficult to photograph silver point because the metal tends to reflect light and throw it back at the camera lens.

If you have never heard of silver point, recommend you take look at this  silver point website, it is a great source of information, forums and resources for those interested this medium.

The basic technique for silver point (or any metal point since you can use gold wire or platinum wire as well)  is to draw using a piece of silver wire on a prepared ground.  It can be time consuming and it takes some skill because once a mark is down on the paper it is there forever.  The silver tarnishes over time, so a well executed silver point drawing will only get lovelier over time.

I have several more drawings, one wonderful ink portrait (a friend gave that to me for a housewarming gift!) as well as a phenomenal leg study.  I will try to get them photographed and posted soon.


4 responses to “Robert Liberace Collection (part 2)

  1. Lovely! The drawings (especially the 1st two) look almost like marble statues. I thought the egg idea was interesting… I’ve never heard of that or tried that before..

  2. Mainly using the egg helps to see the form, lights and shadows without the distraction of actual features getting in the way. Many of Rob’s studies contain egg drawings. I’ve done several drawings of eggs myself byt they aren’t anything to write home about.

  3. All I can say is wow. Over and over. Wow. (And immediately afterwards ; I have *so* much work to do!) Thanks so much for posting the images of RL’s drawings & silverpoint. It’s so great to enlarge them and pour over the details. I love that face. And the silverpoint is just amazmo. You are one lucky-ducky to own them, and to take classes with someone so committed to his craft, and earnest to share his knowledge to others… :o)

  4. Hi Belinda, trust me, I count my blessings daily that I can study with Rob.

    Next Monday is sign up day for the next term and I will be out there at 3 or 4 am with friends waiting in line for a spot in the fall class and also his portrait workshop in December.

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