Twinrocker Paper

Twinrocker Yale Paper

Twinrocker Yale Paper

I was going to write a post about a great deal being offered at Twinrocker Paper.  Their handmade paper is gorgeous and sadly fairly expensive.  The Yale Cream paper (laid) in the light weight (similar to the weight of paper used in a good quality hardbound book) and they had a run of seconds.  Since the paper (depending on finish – laid, wove, hot pressed or cold pressed etc) can run between $9.00 – $10.00 a sheet, it is beautiful and worth it. 

The deal/sale for the seconds was if you were buying the paper and it was under 10 sheets you received 30% off the price, if you bought 11-25 sheets it was 40% off and if you bought more than 26 sheets it was 50% off that price.   Quite agood deal.  I purchased several sheets and although I was told there was crinkling at the edges, but it wasn’t noticeable to me.

Sadly I wasn’t fast enough to post this and a classmate told me last night, that he’d purchased the last of it.  For those of you who knew about this great deal but didn’t take advantage of it, the opportunity is gone.  For those of you who did know and scored some great paper at 1/2 price congrats. 

William Mathew's Book

William Matthews' Book (Image from

The papers take pencils, chalks, inks and (depending on weight of the paper) watercolor beautifully.  In fact, William Matthews uses a specially formulated (read lovely brown)Twinrocker paper for many of his beautiful watercolors.

If you’re wondering what the hoopla is about the paper, you can order a sampler pack of either the normal papers ($15.00 + shipping), decorative papers ($15.00 + shipping),  or a combination back ($30.00 + shipping). The paper is wonderful.

One caution about the Twinrocker site, the page that contains information about the papers and weights is not linked to the page you actually order the papers so ordering can be confusing.   Twinrocker uses unique phrases to describe weights.  For instance I mistakenly assumed “LA” equaled laid paper and happily ordered several sheets to try.  LA actually refers to a weight of paper. This is the linkfor the explanation on paper weights and terms.  And, if worse comes to worse and you’re still confused, call them.  I’ve found them to be extremely helpful and friendly.  If you love pencil work, recommend trying their cornflower blue and the delphi gray.  I think they would both be great for life drawing. I have some of each but I’ve been hording them.

The last time I ordered through them, I called the order in on a Saturday, it was shipped on Monday and arrived neatly packed on Wednesday of the same week.  By the way, if you spend more than $100.00 the shipping is Free.

I use the Twinrocker for drawing in Robert Liberace’s class.  The paper is prepared with the watercolor was (usually ochre) and then a layer of the amber shellac with denatured alcohol (1:5 ratio).


4 responses to “Twinrocker Paper

  1. Mongoose,
    Twinrocker may have some Cream Caligraphy paper left (wove and laid). I know for sure they don’t have any of the Yale “seconds” left. Everything I received is a “second”…but I can’t see anything about this paper that would make it a “second”. I’m not a paper expert….but this stuff is beautiful.
    See U in class.

  2. Hey Terry!
    Was the cream caligraphy a second?

    See you in class tonight.

  3. Terry or Mongoose1
    Read what you posted about the papers. I need to purchase some for RL online drawing class.
    For TR Yale am I suppose to get wove or w&ant laid?
    For Calligraphy cream is it the divided quater or the divided half sheets I need?

  4. Hi Kathy, I asked Rob last Friday about the wove vice laid and he said he prefers laid.

    I just ordered more and grabbed some yale cream and the caligraphy cream; in both laid and wove.

    The sheets measure 22×30 inches, you can always prep it and cut it in half or even quarters if you like working small (like I do).
    If you aren’t certain and you call there-ask for Fran and she can help. Also-they sometimes have seconds-if you buy 25 sheets they are discounted 50%.

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