Out of the Loop




I took this picture on my camera phone while walking in Old Town Alexandria last week.  The sky was so amazing I felt like I was looking at a Maxfield Parish painting.  At some point I think I will paint it.  I seem to be collecting photos of subjects I want to eventually paint. 

I have several wall mounted kitchen cabinets with glass doors.  In an effort to make the kitchen seem larger, I placed some mirrors against the back of the cabinet.  This weekend I shot several self portraits of me looking in to the cabinet.  I thought they were pretty quirky and the light was high and at true north.  If I do paint one it will be fairly unflattering, but when you paint you have to paint what you see honestly.  Hopefully not as honestly as Freud (I love his paintings of Leigh Bowery).

This week we have several makeup sessions with Robert Liberace.  Although we were supposed to paint a grasaille study of the model I just brought pencils and paper (well I had my silverpoint materials as well, just in case).   All of my oil paints and brushes are packed up and at my friends house.  He’s driving to Boston this weekend and delivering them for me. 
I am taking a vacation that will involve a 3 day painting workshop, and some fun plein aire painting with my friends as well. I haven’t had a vacation since Christmas and with my new job I didn’t feel comfortable leaving until now. I probably should take this one but frankly I need the break.  I am not normally a water baby (I prefer the mountains and fly fishing) but 8 days at Cape Cod sounds like heaven. 
On Monday and Tuesday we’re hitting the museums and the public library.  There are four of us that are huge Sargent fans and a visit to the Gardner as well as the Public Library are musts.
I can’t wait.
Winks, from postsecrets.com

Winks, from postsecrets.com

The post card is from postsecrets.com which is a wonderful site that allows people to reveal their secrets and it delighted and charmed me (that’s code for it made me belly laugh).  I think it’s a healthy and necessary one, especially if you have a dark one, sharing the tough ones allows you the grace of knowing you’re never as bad as you thought you were and that no matter what you’ve done someone else has probably done it as well.  A dear friend used to say that you were, “only as sick as your secrets.” 

Sorry for the weird spacing on this post.  I retried posting it twice and no luck with the formating of the photos or paragraphs.  Must be some type of glitch.


2 responses to “Out of the Loop

  1. Your vacation sounds like my kind of vacation! Looking forward to seeing some images on your return – perhaps of some of your plein aire work?
    Have a great time!

  2. Oh dear, the plein aire wasn’t so successful. But I did post some of the work from the workshop.
    The trip was great and the museums were incredible.

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