Out of Pocket

I will be on vacation starting for the next week.

Hopefully I will have some solid paintings or drawings to post when I return.


2 responses to “Out of Pocket

  1. Before you go, check out the mouse pix on my blog. The show was sort of lame, a couple very nice things but the rest was trite or boring or just too studied in its non-nonchalance. But the mouse was great.

    And they were selling cast plaster “Obama” heads for $3 each, around the size of a fifty-cent piece, all proceeds donated to his campaign fund.

  2. Happy Birthday brat, to the eldest twin. (That’s what happens when you live on the east coast! Always older!)

    Still sick here with strep but will struggle up the trail to Hessie today then gorge on bacon at the best cafe in the county =)

    All my love,
    The Younger Twin (by 2 hours!)

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