Robert Liberace Workshop, Marshfield, MA

Robert Liberace at Work

Robert Liberace at Work

Artist Robert Liberace conducted a three-day workshop which focused on the figure in action, which was hosted by the wonderful folks at the North River Art Society in Marshfield, MA.


Halfway Through the Demo

Halfway Through the Demo

On Day One of the workshop we were free to work with pencil/chalk/charcoal or to paint. Rob (Liberace) demonstrated how he renders the figure with chalk and pencils.

As stated throughout this blog in various posts, Rob usually prepares his paper using an wash of ochre watercolor and then covers this with a diluted shellac. The shellac allows him to get the most out of the prismacolor pencils that he uses and seems to help prevent a waxy buildup.

Close up of Day 1 Demo, by Robert Liberace

Close up of Day 1 Demo, by Robert Liberace

Rob spent some time discussing how to render the figure and how he works with pencils and chalk to render light and shadow. The model for the first day was an artist as well as a model so her poses were beautiful. The second picture is a close-up of Rob’s drawing halfway through his demo.

The final drawing this beautiful and sensitive drawing on the left. This is a close up of the completed drawing. If you click on the image you should be able to see where Rob added highlights by erasing through the shellac and removing some of the watercolor wash underneath the shellac. He does this by carefully using a variety of erasers. Hopefully you can also see how he handled the reflected lights along the left edge of the model’s ribcage and breast.

Demonstration Day 2

Demonstration Day 2

On Day Two of the workshop we had a male model who was extremely athletic and able to hold some very dynamic and difficult poses.

Rob placed Emmanuel into a beautiful post that showed off his frame and, I think, communicated Emanuel’s joyful approach to life and modelling. He reminded me of what the greek god Hermes would have looked like.

You can see the amazing modeling he does with just this basic palette.

Close Up of Demonstration Day 2, by Robert Liberace

Close Up of Demonstration Day 2, by Robert Liberace

Palette Day 2

Palette Day 2

This thumbnail of Rob’s palette for those who are interested. He used titanium white, raw umber, burnt sienna and I believe a cadmium orange (light).


On Day Three we were worked again in oils. The model for this day had an amazing figure was also able to maintain some very difficult poses with ease.


DEmonstration Day 3, by Robert Liberace

Demonstration Day 3, by Robert Liberace

I guess i should state that each of these demos were painted over three 20-minute poses. If you look closely at the oil demo on the left I think you get a great sense of how Robert does his initial lay ins as well as how he paints his shadows and mid tones. If I remember correctly this photo was taken when Rob was at the end of the second of three pose session.

Close Up, Demonstration Day 3, by Robert Liberace
Close Up, Demonstration Day 3,

Here is a close up of the demo with just upper torso.

For those who follow Robert’s work, I hope this post gives you a sense of what was covered. I know nothing ever quite beats being there in person. The wonderful members at the North River Art Society made me feel warmly welcomed and part of their community. Thank you all for being such kind hosts.

7 responses to “Robert Liberace Workshop, Marshfield, MA

  1. thank you for posting these images! awesome!

  2. Hi Kevin, your work at your blog is impressive!

    Was Jacob Collins teaching there or do you now attend GCA? I wasn’t sure.


  3. Hi Rob, where are your upcoming workshops on portrait painting and i heard you have a video for sale on this. How do i get it. Thanks

  4. thank you for the great post. I’m taking a workshop from Rob in January so I’m trying to learn all I can about his method before the workshop.

  5. Huh, didn’t mean to be anonymous.
    thanks again! Joan

  6. You are lucky to attend the classes of this Master. For that is what Rob is.
    The work is both inspiring and off putting. Excellent drawings and paintings and as I taught for 25 years I know a good teacher when I see one. Robert Liberace is an excellent teacher.
    Regards to you all

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