Duane Keiser’s Newest Blog

Marble 9 - 3

Marble 9 - 3, by Duane Keiser

I had to debate a bit about posting this, because, well I am a greedy gus. Simply put I want them all. If you’ve seen his work, I am sure you understand.

Duane Keiser has started a separate blog called A Thousand Small Paintings, which he now uses to link and sell his small works that he calls ‘oddments.’ Duane’s oddments usually measure 3″x2.5″ (7.6x 6.4cm) but can be a tad longer depending on the subject he is painting. The oddments sell for $150. each (plus shipping) and you can pay for them directly through the site using your paypal account. Very convenient.

I have several of his lovely oddments, one from his studio cam project (Rose in vase) and one that was a gift (Garlic Clove).

I look forward to this newest venture and wish those of you who are looking to buy an oddment the best of luck towards buying one of these. Happy hunting.

And now, for a complete change of topic. I found this highlighted at the wordpress main screen. I think it seems like an interesting commentary on Ms. Palin. For those not in the United States, Sarah Palin is the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. I believe the aurthor of the blog post did her best to be fair but she had some pretty strong feelings about Ms. Palin.


One response to “Duane Keiser’s Newest Blog

  1. You should have seen the father of her daughter’s child myspace page before the cleanup. Every other word was an F-bomb and he is proud to be a racist redneck.

    What’s funniest is how they are painting the democrats as prudes over the matter, lolz. Hello pot.. meet kettle!

    An aside. At lunch I played Apples to Apples with the kids. One of the cards said KKK.. and the note said “If they are supposed to be the Master-race, why do they keep misspelling “clan?” I rolled.

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