Political Satire for the 2008 Elections

Agree with his politics or not, you have to admit that the group of energetic folks involved with the Obama-Biden campaign are amazing.

One of my favorite videos from YouTube is the “Yes He Can”

This was almost immediately lampooned in the “John He Is” Video. I think the way they lampooned the first one is absolutely brillant, then add the actor’s reactions to what they are hearing or reading and it’s pretty funny. Talk about being haunted by your own words.

This video is one of the funniest YouTube videos being circulated. This shows Senator McCain (alledgely) ‘checking out’ Gov. Palin while they were speaking together in Dayton OH. Oh dear. One wonder’s what the bulldog’s reaction to this was.

I plan on scoping out a few more and posting them here later this evening.

Here is a link to the Saturday night opening that spoofed Palin and Clinton discussing sexism and politics.


2 responses to “Political Satire for the 2008 Elections

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!! John.He.Is (or John.he.was?) OMG that is hysterical!

  2. I just thought the satire was brillant. Not sure if you understand (in the McCain one) what the lady is signing but it makes it even funnier.

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