Update on Duane Keiser’s Oddment Blog

Krispy Kreme by Duane Keiser, 60x60" Oil

Krispy Kreme by Duane Keiser, 60x60

Artist Duane Keiser seems to enjoy working with extremes. Sometimes he will render a krispye kreme doughnut or other edible snack in his standard Painting a Day (PAD) postcard size of 3″x5″ and sometimes, well he gets a tad bit carried away.

Note: In case you didn’t know a Krispy Kreme doughnut is a glazed doughnut and slice of nirvana for the uninitiated.

I love this picture for several reasons beyond the painting itself, I love that fact that you can see that the doughnut was painted from life since a doughnut is off to the side on the lid of it’s white box. Duane told me that this painting sold the first day he posted it to his blog. It made me very happy for whomever was lucky enough to own this wonderful piece of art.

Garlic Oddment, By Duane Keiser

Garlic Oddment, By Duane Keiser

Ok, so for the update. Duane loves working very large and very small. For most folks, working in a 3×5″format would be small enough, but Duane also enjoys working even smaller.For the tiniest of paintings he created a new blog/website called A Thousand Small Paintings and he’s added a twist to his business model. At least for the first 1-50 oddments he’s mixed up the rules.

In the past, if you were the first person to email Duane stating that you wanted to buy an oddment (I always chose the elegant subject line, “Gimme”) it was yours. Now Duane has added two ways to buy the oddments. You can either take a chance on being first in line, or his ‘crackerjack’ method where you reserve a number and once it’s finished it is popped in the mail to you.

This is the explanation from his site.


There are two ways to purchase an oddment:

1.) the first-come-first-served way: be the first to email me when an oddment you want is posted (simply place the number in the subject line of your email.)

2.) the “Cracker Jack” way: if you like surprises, buy a painting that is yet to be painted. For example– email me to buy a number, say, 42. Painting number 42, once completed (and whatever it may be) will one day show up on your doorstep (for the time being this is limited to 1 thru 50.)

A red dot in the lower left of an image on my blog, or a red number in the archives, means the painting is sold.

Each oddment is painted on Belgian linen mounted on 3/8″ natural fiber board and are about 3″ x 2.5.”

They are currently $150 each.

Click here to see the archives and available numbers.

Pussy Willow, by Duane Keiser

Pussy Willow, by Duane Keiser

Now I love the idea of the element of surprise that is involved. Of course there are risks, if you hate paintings of bugs and say a cicada caught his eye when your number you may have a jewel of a painting on a subject you don’t care for. If you are a person who is risk intolerant recommend you stick with the tried and true method of waiting for one to post.

If you are a person who loves surprises or who has tried in vain to win an oddment than the crackerjack method is for you!

If you’re wondering, “So what?” or “What’s the big deal” please take a look at the oddment painting of the garlic clove. I own it and it is a jewel. I have a fairly wide-ranging collection of art (most are smaller pieces under 12×12″) but when someone new comes into my living room 9 times out of 10 that is the first painting they gravitate towards. It’s that beautiful.

The painting on the left was not sold as an oddment, it was completed as part of “the Found” project that Duane experimented with last year. I posted it so that you could could see how well he works in a small scale format.


One response to “Update on Duane Keiser’s Oddment Blog

  1. Oh man, now I have to drive to Denver to get a Krispy Kreme! Suggest to him he try a ginger rizome, which he can buy at any larger grocery store. They have cool textures. I bought one that looked like a laughing hippo or razorback hog. I took it to class since I figured no one would believe the drawing.

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