Salt Shaker (still life)

Salt Shaker

Salt Shaker (aka model)

Today I came home from work and decided to paint a salt shaker. I know that isn’t usually what someone thinks about on a Friday evening, but I’d recently saw a great one painted by artist Craig Stephens and I thought I ‘d give it a whirl. This is my first still life attempt and I’m pretty excited because I think it came out really well.

I painted from ‘life’ (if an inanimate object can be called live). The windows are high and north facing. The photograph was with an overhead light because the light was gone by the time I finished. So this wasn’t photographed under the same light conditions that I painted by. The angle of this photo is off a bit as well.

Salt Shaker

Salt Shaker

The light is bluish on the background (its corrugated white paper from a tin of cookies). I used a palette of titanium white, ultramarine blue, cad light yellow and cad red light (just a dab of each) and raw umber. I started painting around 5:30pm and finished about 6:45pm. The surfaces is a 4×4″ gesso board.

So here it is, what do you think?

This was so much fun to paint I will probably try a few more from different angles. I got lost in just trying to accurately place the shapes (the metal cap and the salt it self). It took me a bit to figure out how to show the side of the glass at the right edge of the shaker. Although you can’t really see it in the picture, inside the neck of the shaker is a grayer version of the background. The light went as I was finishing and I didn’t realize how nice the cap came out until I stepped away to grab a paper towel.


5 responses to “Salt Shaker (still life)

  1. I’ve known you since we were in vitro: GIMME!

  2. Beautifully done. Love the painterly brushwork, and the spot-on shapes and reflections; perfect balance.

  3. Thank you for the nice comment Belinda!

    I was pretty excited about this since my poor plein aire attempts have been so dismal.


  4. I see you are going small. Can we expect to see your little gems on the market soon? Nice loose style in this little gem of a painting!

    I’m glad class starts up again tonite. I hate the down time.

    I got Lina’s email and signed up for Rob’s large scale figure drawing workshop in NC Nov 1 – 3. Sheraton (within walking distance from workshop) only 69$ per night.

  5. Wait until you see the tiny one I just did. I think it measures something like 1.5″x 2.5″ It’s about 55% of the size of the salt shaker. I did it for a miniture show. If I can I will bring them to class 🙂

    I am saving vaction time for a trip out west and to NYC this winter so I have to pass on the next workshop.

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