Show Entries

Salt Shaker

Salt Shaker (for Art League Show)

I’ve decided to venture into a couple of art shows. Both are juried and both are for smaller works.

The Alexandria Art League show is for works large works and small works (under 5″x5″ for the small ones) but the actual framing can be up to 8″x10″. I had a great frame so I put the 4×4″ salt shaker into it and it looked great. There is an event the evening of the show intake, so they weren’t sure exactly when you could show up with your work. The entry for this show was painted on a 4×4 gesso panel and the paint came out very flat and matte. It’s beautiful and a very quiet kind of a painting. I doubt I will sell this one because I love it very much (it’s my first ever still life).

Mini Salt Shaker

Mini Salt Shaker (For 5x5x(5) show)

The second show is called 5x5x(5) and the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory is hosting it. I painted another much tinier (under 2″x3″) salt shaker for this show. The reason I painted this so very tiny was because the final size of the picture/item had to be under 5″ cubed (5x5x5″) and it’s difficult to find a frame this small. I luckily had several very small frames from a frame shop in Albuquerque NM that I went to. When ever I saw any of their small beautiful frames for sale i grabbed them. I believe they made the frames out of left over materials since they were very high quality but always in odd sizes. I mailed the entry (digital file on CD) off on Monday and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Last Friday I stopped in to visit a friend at the Principle Gallery in Old Town and showed her the works and asked her help with figuring out how the backs should be. She explained what to do and then was really kind by fixing the backs for me. Funny thing was, while she was downstairs working on them, a customer came in. We started talking and when she brought up the tiny painting he grabbed it and wanted to buy it on the spot!!! He said he would show up at the Target Gallery but who knows. Still wasn’t sure how to handle the entire thing since I wasn’t carried by this gallery and it was an awkward situation.



I’ve also been painting quite a bit this week. I’ve painted this tiny buckeye (or is it a chestnut) trying to get it right. So far I am on attempt #3 but I think I hit it this time. One of my classmates in Rob’s class was passing out senso (senseo?) linen. It’s an interesting surface to paint on but the clear gesso is a tad disconcerting. I would use it for larger paintings or perhaps the wicked plien airs.

I am still having problems with the white top of the buckeye/chestnut and it blends in too much with the background. This took about 2 hours to paint.


2 responses to “Show Entries

  1. Wow, these are fabulous. No wonder the patron wanted to snag the salt shaker – I would have too! (But I can see how it would have been an awkward moment, for sure). Your chestnut is beautiful. What size is it?

  2. Hi Belinda,
    The chestnut is on a 3×4″ panel. The real chestnut is very tiny, I think the actual nut is about 3/4″ in diameter and about 1/2″ tall (excluding the outer shell).

    It was a lot of fun to paint. I this was the 3rd attempt the other two are nice, but I loved how this one came out.

    Thanks for the kind comment.

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