On the Lighter Side

InStyle Magazine online style selector

InStyle Magazine online style selector

Living in the Metro DC area it’s hard not to bump into someone involved in politics; whether they work for a candidate, one of the two major political parties, work for a public interest group (i.e., move-on, acorn etc), or simply enjoy watching events like me.

For those of you who are like me I think this will really tickle your fancy. InStyle Magazine has a site where you can select your candidates hair style and see how it would look on you. Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain (what’s with her hair now day? I think I liked her stepford wife style better), Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have hair styles you can select.

SP and Cindy McCain hair

SP and Cindy McCain hair

You can play with the model’s hairline to represent yours a little more and then you can add the magazine cover as well. It would be a blast if you could upload your photo to use instead of the current model’s. This is what it looked like when I selected a model who is younger but has similar features. Apparently the SP updo is not for me.

Sorry about the spacing in the photo, I will try to edit these out. I think my pseudo me looks hawt as a blonde, lol (stated sooo tongue in cheek).

If you want to try this out yourself click here for the link at InStyle.com.

Oh boy, I think Letterman is still ticked that McCain stood him up.

This one is hysterical as well.

and this one


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